Coast Communication’s team in place at Avanade Sweden Round Table, Human & Machine, Stockholm September 2016. From left to right: Karl Rickhamre, Mari Fossheim, Oliver Hofmann, Elisabeth Wanngård.

Avanade is a global leader in digital innovation. Microsoft and Accenture jointly own it. Avanade has renewed its confidence in Coast Communications as its Swedish partner in the company’s external communication.

Coast has since December 2015 served as a partner to Avanade in several Nordic countries.

The cooperation has been very successful and will in the future continue to span over strategy, international meetings, media handling, news production, ongoing support, positioning, production of videos, round table workshops, media training and recruitment campaigns.

Coast Communications is a responsive partner; our objective is to protect people, business and brands. Coast Communications has a well-ramified network of contacts and associates with extensive experience in media, business and government. The purpose of all communication is to help our customers achieve their business goals.