Christina Rytter

Christina holds a master’s degree from university in communications and is client leader for clients all over Scandinavia. She has her focus on clients in the fields of digitalisation, retail and design. Year 2007 she started Coast Communications Denmark and year 2016 Scandinavian Communications. She is assigned by the European Union for communications work and she has previously chaired our exclusive international network PRGN. She has been with Coast Communications since 2007.

P: +45 23 96 77 33

Therese Troija

Senior account director. Therése's focus is on communications within financial services to consumers. Therése has worked Many years with PR in the US and Sweden. She has a degree in journalism and political science from the University of Washington. With Coast Communications as full time staff since June 2004.

S: +46 70-954 91 09

KG Rickhamre

KG Rickhamre offers strategic advicing for Coast Communications' customers throughout Europe. He has exstensive experience as economic journalist with Dow Jones in London, Swedish National Television (Rapport) in Stockholm and Brussels and Swedish National Radio. He previously hold the position as director at Burson-Marsteller before starting Coast Communications in 2001.

P: +46 70 954 91 09

Serena Möller
Media Consultant

Independent. For Coast Serena conducts Business Media Training sessions for top executives from the largest blue chip companies on the stock market. Former CNBC Europe anchor in London for many years, she has extensive experience in communicating a broad spectrum of business and policy issues. She holds a Master's degree in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics. Working with Coast since 2009.

P: +46 702 77 23 71

Hermine Bond

Hermine supports the agency’s clients within ongoing assignments concerning brand building, crisis communications and media trainings. Her reports and surveys are appreciated by large listed companies as well as smaller companies and the public sector clients. She holds a university degree in Media and Communication Studies from Lund University with crisis communication as a special focus area

P: +46 707 200 971



Edvard Raft
Project Manager Rhetoric

Edvard began his carrier by writing his university master thesis about Coast Communications in Stockholm, Sweden. After several years as a successful rhetorician building his own firm, we resumed cooperation. Edvard gives appreciated courses in presentation and speaker training, with emphasis on rhetoric. With Coast Communications since year 2008 respective 2014.

S: +46 76-878 61 63


Gunvor Engström
Independent Industry Advisor Change Management
Gunvor is a well structured and efficient industry advisor with her client's best interests as top priority. She focuses on Change Management and Issue Management. As independent in cooperation with Coast's consultants she offers her support in communicative processes that require one or two additional levels. Gunvor has held posts as CEO of Sweden's biggest organisation for small and midsized companies, Företagarana, and CEO for Bank2. She has been the Governor of county, Blekinge and held senior posistions in government offices and the Condeferation of Swedish Enterprise, Svenskt Näringsliv. She is also a succesful entrepreneur.
Expertise: Corporate Governance & Regulation

P: +46 709 549 109
Gunnar Hesse
Senior Advisor - Information Technology
Gunnar Hesse is Chairman at the Institut for Information Technology and former CEO of Unisys in the Nordics. Gunnar has a long career serving in different senior executive positions with Unisys in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway and globally. As part of an international career he has lived in the UK and the US for over ten years. With a background in technology he started with Datasaab in the 1970-s and is graduated from KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology. He has several board appointments and works as an advisor to senior managagement in the IT- and finance sector.

P: +46 70 556 66 34
P.O. Wallström
Senior Advisor - Pharmacutical & Biotech
P.O. Wallström has served in leadership positions within biotech and pharmacutical companies such as Astra, Pharmacia and Bristol-Myers Squibb. In his role as CEO, he led Q-Med's expansion during and after the IPO. Since then he has functioned as CEO for life science company, Karo Bio. Coast Communications has worked together with P.O. since 2001. First as a customer of us, and since 2012 as an independent partner to our customer teams.

P: +46 8402 98 80
Caisa Alpsten
Senior Advisor - Internal Communication
Caisa Alpsten is a specialist in internal communications and communicative leadership. She has extensive consulting experience in both the private and public sectors and has previously worked as chief information officer. She is the author of highly regarded books in the field of strategic communications.

P: +46 70 756 08 76


Bengt Thorn
Partner Contact

Bengt Thorn, is our partner contact at the advertising agency, Thorn in Helsingborg. Thorn provides Coast with a comprehensive range of services such as graphic design, promotions, digital and print productins and branding.

T: +46 76 878 61 63



Andreas Tollefsen
Navigator Norway
Karsten Anker Petersen
Borgen Denmark IR & PA
Päivi Holmqvist
Hasan Comm Finland


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